Free Stories

Here is short collection of my SF stories. Oh, yes, I have many more, secreted in special places, and one day, they’ll emerge for you to read them. But here are the few pieces I published here.

Women in LeatherThe Inattentions of Mr. Weatherby–An irascible stranger comes to a small town on a colony planet, and Ari finds herself to drawn to him. But Weatherby barely gives her the time of day and Ari is determined to find out why.

dragonThe Dragon’s Drama–The dragon is having a bad day much to the consternation of one of his friends.

IncubusThe Incubus’ Tale–A note on the table says, “I will be there soon. Wait.” So he does, but is unprepared for the journey of self-discovery to follow.

Pumpkin Eaters WifeThe Bearing House A murder, a mystery and a brief glimpse at a one post apocalyptic vision of America.

Tripping the blackTripping The Black–Helping passengers prepare for the rigors of their trip to the moon is just one part of interplanetary flight attendant Ariel Robyns’ job.

Hungry_Chris_KittyMerry’s Christmas Tale–Merry had a reputation as a bad girl, and it just wasn’t true. On one Christmas Eve, Merry tried to get proof.

Creepy picture for Wendig's lastest challenge
Creepy picture for Wendig’s lastest challenge
The Good Girl–Merry is back, with more murderous intentions.

ZombieWe Regret to Inform You–A proposed beneficiary receives an email that suggests dire consequences if the recipient does not answer, and worse consequences if he does.