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I thought I had Mindbender, the first book of the Mor’a’stani Chronicles done, ready for rewrite. And then I looked at what I did and realized I had two different stories in one book. The whole did not equal the sum of the its parts. With a great big dramatic sigh, I split the book and now am working on giving a more complete accounting of events in each. Below are the current word counts for each book:

Mindbender smMindbender

Doctor Henry James returns to his homeland at the summons of his emperor to find his country in crisis, his father dead and his life threatened. Does he dare follow the path of his father and serve the predatory and powerful emperor Halar Katadur, or does he follow the mysterious woman who is the rightful ruler of Kyn?

Quajinn’s Heir

B’yetishen Mor’a’stan had no wish to take up her father’s doomed quest to retake the throne of the Kyn Empire. Her paternalistic relatives wanted the throne for themselves. But she had two things the Icothir Mor’a’stani did not. The moral imperative of being the rightful ruler of Kyn, and the three thousand year old symbol of that right, Quajinn’s Sword. If only her relatives, and her own staff would stop insisting she marry General Davan Mor’a’stan, she might get something done.

And for those of you who’ve become enamored of the exploits of B’yetishen’s roguish father, Arekan Mor’a’stan, a prequel–

Arekan’s War

When Arekan Mor’a’stan is annoyed, he is likely to do outrageous things, like try to retake the ancient throne lost by his ancestors three hundred years before.

Word Count as of April 22, 2015

Previous Word Count April 11, 2015


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