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Chuck Wendig’s #FlashFiction Challenge: Demons vs. Assassins

Chuck Wendig’s #FlashFiction Challenge: Demons vs. Assassins published on No Comments on Chuck Wendig’s #FlashFiction Challenge: Demons vs. Assassins

DemonThis piece of flash comes to you by the way of two sources. The first is Chuck Wendig’s Friday Flash Fiction Challenge. And here is what he says about that:

Way this works is, below you will find two tables — X and Y! — and you will pick (or randomly draw) from those tables. That will leave you with a set of X versus Y — and from there, you will write a piece of flash fiction based on that parameter set. You can even use the match up (SKELETONS VS. SCIENTISTS!) as the title to the work, or come up with a new title.

The second is a contest of sorts held between the writers at Fantasy called FWO’s Deadliest Warriors. Here one of our own challenged us to bring out our deadliest warriors and pit them in matches against our fellow writer’s warriors. What started as a D&D style matching of abilities and battle strategies turned into, toward the end, a head to head battle of writing skill, where entries started to assume the form of short stories. Continue reading Chuck Wendig’s #FlashFiction Challenge: Demons vs. Assassins

#FlashFiction Challenge: Departure-The Dragon’s Drama

#FlashFiction Challenge: Departure-The Dragon’s Drama published on 4 Comments on #FlashFiction Challenge: Departure-The Dragon’s Drama

dragonChuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge calls for the use of a dragon in the story I have a couple flash stories with dragons, but here is a very short one.

Departure-The Dragon’s Drama

With a powerful down sweep of his wings Langir rose up and off the cliff. He caught a thermal draft, and soared higher toward the orange sun, taking deep breaths to fight off oxygen deprivation. No one else dared to fly so high, and he bugled his triumph as the air drafts pushed against his wings taking him higher.

The sun beat down on his leathery skin, sending a warm rush through his body. It was almost too warm, he was almost too high, but he wanted all of them to see. He wouldn’t take Senlia’s slight laying down.Continue reading #FlashFiction Challenge: Departure-The Dragon’s Drama

#FlashFiction Challenge: A Blog Interview With Arekan Mor’a’stan

#FlashFiction Challenge: A Blog Interview With Arekan Mor’a’stan published on 2 Comments on #FlashFiction Challenge: A Blog Interview With Arekan Mor’a’stan

Arekan HeadshotAuthor: We are happy to have with us today, Arekan Mor’a’stan, the main character in two science fantasy serials, Arekan’s War and the newest, Pirate’s Luck. He also has a supporting role in The Mor’a’stani Chronicles, the series of full-length books about his daughter, B’yetishen Mor’a’stan. Thank you, Arekan for being here today.

Arekan: (irritably) Why are we doing this?

Author: We are participating in Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge where we are to present a piece of up to one thousand words representative of social media. We are doing a blog interview.

Arekan: What is a Chuck Wendig and what do I have to do kill it? For that matter, what is a social media? Can I run my sword through it?

Author: (In an urgent hushed whisper) You aren’t killing anyone or anything today.

Arekan: And what in the seven hells is a blog? Sounds like something that happens after you drink one too many at the tavern. “Oh gods , I, uh, I’m going to blllooooggghh.” Continue reading #FlashFiction Challenge: A Blog Interview With Arekan Mor’a’stan

Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: The Incubus’ Tale

Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: The Incubus’ Tale published on 2 Comments on Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: The Incubus’ Tale

Incubus Chuck Wendig gave us ten titles, one thousand words and one week to post on his latest flash fiction challenge. Here’s mine:

The Incubus’ Tale

“Still, if some are occasionally begotten from demons, it is not from the seed of such demons, nor from their assumed bodies, but from the seed of men, taken for the purpose; as when the demon assumes first the form of a woman, and afterwards of a man; just so they take the seed of other things for other generating purposes.”~Saint Thomas Aquinas

The wind rushed unrelenting over the parched land whirling the topsoil into a stinging whorl of fine sand and I hang back into the door jam. The sound of it was horrible, like the wail of demons joining in an awful chorus. I’ve shivered and gathered my cloak around me.

But I stand in quiet vigil. There was a note on my table by the gray stone fireplace. It said, “I will be there soon. Wait.”Continue reading Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: The Incubus’ Tale

Chuck Wendig’s Newest Challenge: First 1,000 Words

Chuck Wendig’s Newest Challenge: First 1,000 Words published on No Comments on Chuck Wendig’s Newest Challenge: First 1,000 Words

Forced Labor Mid SizedChuck Wendig posted his most impossible challenge of all:

Grab 1000 words of your NaNoWriMo work-in-progress (or, really, even if you’re not participating, any WIP of yours), and slap those 1000 words online for all to see.

Eeek. I mean, I’m just not ready to do that. It’s still working, foaming in the vat of writerly inspiration, not quite ready for public inspection. Instead I give you the first thousand words of Forced Labor, which I’m happy with.

I don’t know though. My twenty-eight year old middle son read the first four hundred words and thought it was pretty cool. (I didn’t know he picked up a copy.) But he has been too busy to read the rest of it. How do you get too busy to read your mother’s work? There is no good excuse. Ahem.

Forced Labor (2/3’s of First Chapter)

Arekan sat on his narrow bunk in the bowels of the aging space vessel stitching his forearm. It was a nasty gash, but nothing unusual for him. It would be just one more scar in the litany of scars that scored his body. He winced as he threaded the needle into his flesh, wishing he had liquor in him before he did this.Continue reading Chuck Wendig’s Newest Challenge: First 1,000 Words

Chuck Wendig’s Synopsis Challenge

Chuck Wendig’s Synopsis Challenge published on No Comments on Chuck Wendig’s Synopsis Challenge

Mindbender sm We all have to do them sometimes. The synopsis, the story outline, plus some, that an agent or publisher or heaven’s forbid, a work for hire buyer, will demand. Chuck in his doubtful wisdom has demanded, with threat of bug zapping violence, that we produce them for our NaNo project in November. Only I won’t participate this year, not because I don’t want to, but because in a week I’ll have my chest cracked open and have open heart surgery. (Please, it’s not that dramatic anymore, just incredibly painful, but I digress.) I highly doubt I’ll be doing much for the month of November except stare vacantly at a television screen while painkillers produce some very interesting interpretations of visual cues. But one can pre-plan just in case I get tired of reruns of Supernatural and decide to work the keyboard. And the project I choose is to add to my long suffering WIP Mindbender, which at 55,000 words is just a bit short of completion. Okay, a lot short, and while I don’t think I’m going to add more than 30,000 words, it needs the work. So, without further ado is my synopsis of same:


Main Protagonists:

Rangle A’ven—head of A’ven Enterprises, the most powerful mercantile entity in the Kyn Empire

Kelleen Rynin—A’ven’s wife, a woman with secrets of her own.

Dr. Henry James—the son of Jim James, a member of the inner advisory circle to the EmperorContinue reading Chuck Wendig’s Synopsis Challenge

Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences

Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences published on No Comments on Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences

Pumpkin Eaters WifeChuck Wending’s flash fiction challenge was to pick one of ten random sentences and write a story incorporating it. The sentences were great and it was hard to chose one.

“The mysterious diary records the voice.”

“The stranger officiates the meal.”

“The shooter says goodbye to his love.”

“A glittering gem is not enough.”

“The memory we used to share is no longer coherent.”

“The old apple revels in its authority.”

“Rock music approaches at high velocity.”

“Sixty-Four comes asking for bread.”

“Abstraction is often one floor above you.”

“The river stole the gods.”

Continue reading Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences

Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Merry’s Christmas Tale

Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Merry’s Christmas Tale published on No Comments on Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Merry’s Christmas Tale

Hungry_Chris_KittyChuck Wendig’s challenge was to write a piece of holiday horror.

Well, I’ve been busy, really busy, so I’m trotting out a piece I wrote last Christmas for someone’s call for flash submissions. It is the first piece about Merry, who we saw in my piece The Good Girl.

Merry’s Christmas Tale

Merry was only eight but she knew injustice when she saw it. She didn’t deserve to be punished. “Mommy!” she sniffed, tears coming to her eyes, “I did not break the Christmas ornaments!”

“You are always such a bad girl. I don’t know how you did it, Merry, but those ornaments were quite rare. They were grandmother’s you know. Go to your room, while I clean up this mess!”Continue reading Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Merry’s Christmas Tale

Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Evil Spam

Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Evil Spam published on 3 Comments on Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Evil Spam

ZombieThis is a weird one. We are to write:

A horror story framed as a spam email.


Take that assignment, run with it as you see fit.

How scary can you make a spam mail? That’s the challenge.

I’d keep it to the shorter side — 500 words or so.

Post at your online space.

It’s supposed to contain the bad writing of spam emails. I don’t know if I’ve done the art form justice, but here it is.



We regret to inform you cannot collect your funds because you are dead.

It is of great concern we send you this official letter from Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP who has been delegated to pay all American citizens who has lost huge amounts of money in the process of claiming their respective inheritance funds from the United Kingdom, Asia and Africa.

After our investigations it was revealed that you were to receive a two million inheritance from a Mrs. Elana Bango, recently deceased, whom having no heirs, decided to name you as sole beneficiary of her estate because she liked your email address.

Additionally our investigations found that there are evil flying monkeys who collude with bank staffs to defraud beneficiaries such as yourself of their sums. One of these evil flying monkeys residing inside of his smoke was traced to a Mr. Sean Bradford from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Under the influence of said evil flying monkey, he stated that you are dead. Is this true? Mr. Bradford forwarded some vital documents regarding the funeral service held for you as proof of your deceasement. He is in the process of collecting the two million dollar inheritance based on these documents.

Also, we have determined that Mr. Bradford is in the process of shutting off all your credit cards, bank accounts, and services to your home. Additionally, he has informed the your mortgage company of your death, so foreclosure of your home is imminent.

It is the duty in the particular person defrauded to provide proof of life. We will send a particular Dorrie Kass, a zombie, who possesses knowledge of evil flying monkeys, to attest upon viewing you at your home that you are alive and well. Additionally, please put into place appropriate protections to keep the evil flying monkeys from asserting their claim of your death by making it so. Please ignore Dorrie Kass speech in this matter because even though he is an excellent witness, he can only say the word “brains.” Also please forgive any gnawing on your body parts as this is part of the process. We have enclosed a photograph to help you identify him when he comes to your home.

To collect your two million dollars, send us your name, address and bank information so we can start proving that you are alive to our zombie witness so we can release your funds to you.


Orrin Orrick, Attorney

Photo published under a Creative Commons license from user Kevin Dooley

Chuck Wendig’s Latest Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig’s Latest Flash Fiction Challenge published on No Comments on Chuck Wendig’s Latest Flash Fiction Challenge

Alice in Wonderland CupcakesWhen Chuck Wendig put up his latest flash fiction challenge I couldn’t resist. But, here, I’ll let me explain it in his own words:

This week, a bit of a quirky one.
You ever play those old-school Infocomm text adventures?

(Zork: “You are eaten by a grue.”)

I was a huge fan.

Now, there’s a Twitter account / bot that, if you tweet the word “inventory” to this particular Twitter bot — @YouAreCarrying — it will tweet back at you a randomized list of inventory items, taken, I believe, from old Infocomm games.
Take all the items listed in the response tweet (your “inventory”) and use them all — in some way, oblique, abstract or overt — in a flash fiction. We’ll up the word count to 2000 words for this one. Due by next Friday (7/18), noon EST. Post at your online space; drop a link below so folks can follow it back. And that’s it. Go forth. Get your inventory. Write a story.

And the bot came back with this for me:

‪@starrynightastr a two liter bottle of Classic Coke, a trash basket, a cake, a glass analysis, a pound note, a leaflet, a granola cluster.

I’m not going to sit there groaning about the twisted angst it took for me to come up with a story, because when I read these things there was only one place I could take them. To Alice, my Out of Wonderland character from my previous story “The White Rabbit.”

And here’s the story:

Cake: The Continuing Adventures of Alice Out of Wonderland

“We shouldn’t be meeting like this, Alice,” said the white rabbit sitting at the bar. I slid onto the stool next to him. “The Queen will have my job.”Continue reading Chuck Wendig’s Latest Flash Fiction Challenge

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