Arekan’s Blog: MORE Laundry Problems

Arekan: So the scribe is still writing the trash that “pays the mortgage” but since it seems to keep her in coffee and milkshakes, I won’t complain too much, though I’ve heard there a bit of clamor for her to finish the Arekan’s War Series.

[scribe, um Beth:] One reader is hardly a clamor.

Arekan: Well, yeah, seeing you are doing nothing about the series…

Beth: [mutters] I don’t deserve this. Arekan, tell the readers about your email address.

Arekan: Oh yeah. So I had the scribe set up an email address for me which is

Beth: It’s weird you have an email address.

Arekan: It’s weird you aren’t writing about me.

Beth: Hey, I finished two chapters of Pirate’s Luck and submitted them to Fantasy Writer’s Org monthly challenge.

Arekan: Yeah, yeah, where your five fans found the story scintillating.

Beth: They aren’t fans. They are fellow writers. I can’t help it if they enjoyed the story.

Arekan I didn’t enjoy it at all. How many times will you try to kill me, woman?

Beth: As many times as it takes.

Arekan: To do what?

Beth: Stop you from complaining.

Arekan: That will never happen. Go write. I have laundry to do now since you made me—”

Beth: Ssh! No spoilers.

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