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#BookPromotion: A #booktrailer and Story Cartel

#BookPromotion: A #booktrailer and Story Cartel published on No Comments on #BookPromotion: A #booktrailer and Story Cartel

Self Promotion
Self Promotion
First off you may wonder why I’m putting hashtags in my titles. Courtesy of WordPress and with the correct settings my post gets auto published on Twitter and Facebook. The hashtags don’t count so much on Facebook, but on Twitter it sends the posts to lovely pages with similar content. It gives the post exposure to people you never met and a good way to gather a few new followers.

But as regular readers of my blog know, one of my characters called me out for my lack of book promotion expertise. (Shut up, it’s a writer’s thing.) And since us writers are called on more and more to promote our work we are forced to step up our game, regardless the snarky comments the imaginary people in our heads make.

I did two things this weekend. The first it I bought a token on Story Cartel and arranged for them to download my entire novella. Now, this is cash money, folks, something I don’t part with lightly. But it a platform created by The Write Practice’s Jeff Goins and Joe Bunting so I thought I’d give it a try.Continue reading #BookPromotion: A #booktrailer and Story Cartel

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