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#Author Interview: #SFF #Writer Lindsey Duncan

#Author Interview: #SFF #Writer Lindsey Duncan published on 1 Comment on #Author Interview: #SFF #Writer Lindsey Duncan

 Anaea Carlisle, raised on an isolated space station populated solely by women, believes the rest of the universe has been plunged into anarchy and ruin by an alien-engineered disease known as Y-Poisoning. On a salvage mission, she helps rescue a hypermental named Gwydion who challenges everything she thought she knew.

Forced to flee the station with Gwydion, Anaea finds herself in an inexplicable, often hostile world, permanently divided between the Galactic Collective and the Pinnacle Empire. She longs for someplace to call home, but first, she’ll have to survive.

I both love and hate Lindsey Duncan. She is just so damned good at what she does that it’s easy to be jealous of her talent. It’s also all too easy to fall in love with her writing. Lindsey releases her next novel Scylla and Charybdis on April 15, 2018. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon. I tell you, if you don’t pick up this book, you’ll deprive yourself a seriously good read. Below is an interview with Lindsey.

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences

Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences published on No Comments on Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Random Sentences

Pumpkin Eaters WifeChuck Wending’s flash fiction challenge was to pick one of ten random sentences and write a story incorporating it. The sentences were great and it was hard to chose one.

“The mysterious diary records the voice.”

“The stranger officiates the meal.”

“The shooter says goodbye to his love.”

“A glittering gem is not enough.”

“The memory we used to share is no longer coherent.”

“The old apple revels in its authority.”

“Rock music approaches at high velocity.”

“Sixty-Four comes asking for bread.”

“Abstraction is often one floor above you.”

“The river stole the gods.”

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