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Yfaran Ayne (Somewhere around July 16, 2017, I think)

This first planet calendar hurts the head. I’m not even attempting to match the day because it simply does not work. So you just have the season and the month. Anyway, there is some progress on the scribe front. Oh, she’s still writing trash, and gets jobs for more trash with amazing regularity.

Scribe: Just because what I’m writing not your story doesn’t make my work trash. If I don’t eat I don’t get to write.

See. Entirely difficult. BUT, she did write a very nice piece called Arekan Saves the Universe for her online writer’s group for their monthly challenge. She quite rightly made me very amusing, which I am most days when I’m not in death-dealing-rouge mode. Oh yeah, my daughter, Kelleen, is in there as a toddler. And she has a few choice lines, though, as a rule, while toddlers babble, they don’t say much. Except for Kelleen. Anyway, the story placed third out of the monthly entries, so not bad.

Scribe: Gee, thanks. I’m overwhelmed by your praise.

And snarky too.

But the scribe tells me she is writing another story challenge story, which is complex and full of time-travel, so that should be good for another couple shots of analgesics.

Anyway, those stories will be packaged along with a string of origin stories in an anthology that will be published after she finishes Pirate’s Luck and Arekan’s War. So I have to take the long view here because at the rate she’s going I’m going to be in my nineties before she’s finished.

Scribe: You don’t age in my timeline. You age in yours. And yours is 4,000 years into the future.

So it really is good that time is not linear as we perceive it to be because I really don’t want to be ninety before she finishes my stories.

Scribe: You never were supposed to have your own stories. You were a piece of backstory that infected my computers and blew up into all these different tales.

What can I say? I’m a fascinating guy.

Until next time.


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