NaNoWriMo 2019: A Matter of Time

For my NaNoWriMo project I’ve dusted off an older project, Cassandra Sees: A Matter of Time.

Here is the blurb:

When a Detective Dan Arrington investigating local murders finds a woman who knows more details about them than she should can he believe she got those details from astrology? Or does her information come from more personal involvement? And why does Cassandra hide from the world in her apartment? What or who is she afraid of?

This project springs from my personal knowledge of Forensic Astrology, the astrology that helps to solve crimes. This is a small specialty within the astrological community due to its complexity. Only a small percentage of astrologers practice Forensic Astrology and no one practices it as I do. You can see the cases on which I’ve speculated on True Crime and Astrology. Okay, it’s been a while since I updated the blog but the articles are still good. I’ve also given a lecture on this subject to the Astrological Society of Connecticut.

It will be a challenging project because Astrology is very much rooted in time (hence the name) and I can’t exactly use every technique I developed in a novel that you don’t exactly want to timestamp with certain dates. But I decided that somehow I’ll muddle through it, especially since the story between the two main characters is the most important part of the story. So here goes. Wish me luck. 🙂

NaNo Progress

Below is a chart connected to my NovelRight workbook that should update automatically on this page, courtesy of the functionality of Google Sheets. When I enter my day total on my workbook it will send the information to this page. Cool!

Cover art by Starry Night Graphix with art from Pixabay.