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The Arekan Stories

Arekan, (pronounced Ari’ kay’ an, hey just go with me here) the protagonist of that corner of the Mor’a’stani Universe was never meant to be a main character. He was a piece of backstory created to give a name in the genealogy to my main character in Mindbender. He came to life in a monthly challenge piece for my online writer’s group which complained that the story was larger than the five thousand words I was allotted to write the story. This suited Arekan just fine. As sometimes happen with a strong character, and true to his nature, he hijacked my writing efforts demanding I write more about him. He’s a greedy guy even if he doesn’t give up his secrets easily, and he lies a good deal, so it’s been a challenge to get his stories straight.

Forced Labor–Book One Arekan’s War

Forced Labor Mid Sized Smuggling a member of the outlawed former ruling family into the Empire of Kyn proves more than a challenge to twenty-two year old hired blade Arekan. Can he navigate ship politics, pirates, the Kyn military and the boy’s cluelessness without getting both of them killed?


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