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NaNoWriMo Update: NaNo Meetup & Progress!

NaNoWriMo Update: NaNo Meetup & Progress! published on No Comments on NaNoWriMo Update: NaNo Meetup & Progress!

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Last night I met up with a half-dozen of my NaNoWriMo confederates at a well known coffee shop in my hometown. That’s three of them right there. Because I barely got them to agree to a picture (introverted writers!) I promised not to use their names. Organized by the USA: Connecticut: North Municipal liaisons, this is the first one in my little town, apparently, even though the liaisons live here. One of them lives in the part of town in which I grew up. Actually, her apartment, from what she tells me, overlooks tmy childhood home.Continue reading NaNoWriMo Update: NaNo Meetup & Progress!

NaNoWriMo Update: Arekan’s War & Pizza Cake

NaNoWriMo Update: Arekan’s War & Pizza Cake published on No Comments on NaNoWriMo Update: Arekan’s War & Pizza Cake

Arekan's War Final med Day 11 into NaNoWriMo at 9,500 words in I am seriously behind. Life happens. Kids have birthdays and there is pizza cake to make.

Why pizza cake? It is a new thing. Some restaurant chain in Canada came up with the idea, and it spread into the U. S. I’m not sure where in the U.S. but my son posted it on his FB page, and I thought I’d give it a try.

There were…uh, challenges to making the pizza cake. First I had to find a high round pan that would handle the beast. Turns out my cheesecake pan is missing, as well as my 8 inch round and 9 inch round cake pans. It is theft, plain and simple, but getting which adult child admit her or she “borrowed” them is nearly useless. I settled on my 8 inch dutch oven. Fortunately, it did the trick.

The recipe called for parchment paper. I thought I had parchment paper, but I was wrong. So, a trip to the grocery store was necessary.

The internet instructions were incomplete. I couldn’t find what temperature set the oven on in the 10 pages of instructions, with pictures, that I printed off. So I winged it and the top got a little brown. Okay, more than a little brown.

Pizza Cake
Pizza cake

Here is the pizza cake and below that the progress of Arekan’s War.

Arekan’s War

When Arekan Mor’a’stan is annoyed, he is likely to do outrageous things, like try to retake the ancient throne lost by his ancestors three hundred years before.

Starting Word Count

Current Word Count


NaNoWriMo Word Count

The Craft of Writing: NaNo In The Morning & Cover Art

The Craft of Writing: NaNo In The Morning & Cover Art published on No Comments on The Craft of Writing: NaNo In The Morning & Cover Art

Arekan's War Art Red smNot being a young person, I wake early, anywhere from 2:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. I get much of much of my writing done before the sun shows its perkily cheery face in the morning. I don’t drink coffee for health reasons, so all of this is powered my crazy and insatiable need to write. It’s a good way to start the day, especially after I get a 1,000 words in the old Scrivener file before I head off to the gym, (for health reasons. Lord only knows I don’t enjoy exercise.)

With NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)looming I needed decide on a project. Because I have so many projects going, I have not worked substantially on any Mor’a’stani stories, except to write a short about Arekan (The Rescue of Salyma) which is posted on FWO. The one Mor’a’stani book that was not developed enough to accomodate 50,000 words was Arekan’s War. So Arekan’s trials are my morning diet for the month of November, and I’m quite happy about it.

Arekan Photo RedSo I put up my NaNo page, and even put together some cover art to put up on it. The cover art was thoroughly critiqued by my friends at FWO. Let’s just say I got a real education on peoples preferences in cover art. It also affirmed my 1970’s decision to abandon art school, but that’s another story. I’m surprised any book sells at all considered all the likes and dislikes people have about the images on a cover. A couple people don’t like faces in their cover art, another decried the use of photographs at all, one person said it didn’t say ‘fantasy’ enough. Another remarked the original image (not shown) wasn’t dark or brooding enough. Yet another person said the font I chose looked was too cheery and looked like it belonged on a cereal box. It was all useful information and probably reveals why there is a trend in cover art to abandon these kinds of images all together. Think “Game of Thrones” here and you get the idea.

I spent the first day of NaNo fiddling with the cover, so didn’t get the first 1700 words done until Sunday. So above are a couple versions of my idea for the cover, though I doubt that whether the book is published one way or another the art itself will make it. But heck, I have a cover. Do you?

Cool stuff:

Kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid series is updating his own NaNo progress on his Facebook book page. A very genuine man, Kevin pulls no punches on his trials, even though he is well published author.

Chuck Wendig, author of too much stuff to mention, published his NaNo pep talk on his blog Terrible Minds. Looks like he’s going to keep a running conversation on NaNo and writing in general.

Three Creative Commons Photos were used to create this cover:

Mountain by Flickr user ThatswhatIam

Briefly Illuminate Landscape by Mike Lewinski

Hattori Hanzo by Flickr use Stefan Ledwin

All of which were heavily modified as allowed by the Creative Commons Licenses granted as of November 1. 2014.

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